This region records the highest amount of rainfall in all of Ghana. As a result it has nice fertile soil where all seeds that fall on the ground have a substantial chance of growing. This region also has nice tourist attractions that will make visiting the place worth the time

Things To Do:

Ankasa Conservation Area

This area alone contains two different wildlife reserves, the Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. Between these two reserves, you will find many animals that will keep you entertained for every single second you spend there. You will find buffaloes and antelopes and baboons and many more. The fact that the region is one that gets a lot of rainfall also proves that there will be many different species of rare trees in different sizes to feast your eyes on.

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Nzulezu Stilt Village

Every day of the week apart from Thursdays is a day to welcome guests in this village. This is because Thursdays are regarded as sacred days in the village. If you're going to spend some time in this village then it is better for you to learn to adapt to practically living on water. Even their houses are built on stilts. When you get there, you will get to learn about the interesting culture of the people and see the way do live and do things.

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Busua Beach

This beach is without doubt one of the most beautiful along the coast lines of the country. This beach offers a nice spot to relax, unwind and enjoy the warm sun.


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Ahanta Surf School

Another thing beaches are useful for is surfing. Have you ever wanted to learn to ride the waves on nothing but boards like a water deity? Well, you have come to the right place. At Ahanta Surf School, you will get surfing lessons that are suitable for all levels of surfers. If you are already a good surfer, you can just rent a board and off you go, riding the waves of the Busua Beach. One thing about this beach is that there is hardly ever a time when the waves are not surfable. This simply means that you can get there anytime you want and still have a great time surfing.

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Akatekyi Crocodile Pond

Here, the crocodiles will join the humans in entertaining you as they come out majestically at the chants and incantations of a local fetish priest. Sometimes, they find live fowls waiting for them as sacred gifts from the priests.

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