Michael Dankwa - Founder/Tour Guide of Grassroot Tours Ghana

Michael Dankwa

Founder/Tour Guide

Michael Dankwa is the founder of Grassroot Tours Ghana. He was born and raised in the grassland savanna of Mole National Park, where his father worked as a mechanic for 40 years.

As a teenager with a love for nature and a keen interest in tourism, Michael guided tours to Larabanga, Mognori Eco-village and Wechiau hippo sanctuary. His pride in his culture and joy in sharing it with visitors showed through; in response to numerous requests from travelers for Michael to act as their tour guide, he completed formal studies in Tourism and established Grassroot Tours.

Michael is fluent in English as well as eight local languages. He knows Ghana like the back of his hand. Having grown up in Mole and also traveled in Europe, he has spent his entire life in constant interaction with people from all over the world. He has an excellent understanding of cultural differences and visitors’ needs for comfort, sanitation and privacy.

Michael also worked for five years as a program leader for Rustic Pathways, an American company that specializes in international travel for high school students.

Michael is currently the lead guide for HEFY(Humanitarian experience for youth) an American travel company. He is responsible for guiding, transportation, flights, and general sightseeing for over 280 people in Ghana. Thanks to his brilliant organization abilities.

As your tour guide, Michael provides outstanding organization and plenty of information to help you make the most of your experience while travelling like a local.

Isaac Akologo - Operations Manager/Tour Guide of Grassroot Tours Ghana

Isaac Akologo

 Tour Guide/ Operations Manager

In the northern region, Isaac Akologo is a well-known guide. His birthplace is the Mole National Park where he also grew up and he currently maintains the profile of operations manager for grassroot tours as well as being a senior guide. From a very young age, Isaac Akologo developed a very deep interest in wildlife and ecotourism partly due to early and extended exposure. Also, he grew and got his education at the Mole National Park and has a knack for excellent tour guidance.

His wealth of experience easily bubbles to the surface whenever he is with a group of tour participants alongside his vibrant presence. For a memorable and exciting tour with the best personnel, Isaac Akologo and Grassroots is your best port of call. The most impacting experiences are not planned and trying to express them could be pretty difficult.

Grassroots Tours understands this fact which is why you are guaranteed experiences and unanticipated events and contact with the locals that you would treasure for a very long time. The little cultural practices such as overwhelming hospitality that you would get, the extraordinary skills of local craftsmen, or the contagious humor of market women. All these are bound to remain with you a long time after your visit with Isaac guiding you to all the right spots.

 All these make for the sublime experiences that would make your trip with Grassroots Tours and Isaac Akologo specifically, an unforgettable but pleasurable experience.

Barbara Egli - Travel Advisor of Grassroot Tours Ghana

Barbara Egli

Travel Advisor

Having grown up in a remote village of Switzerland, Barbara was always eager to travel and explore the world. She has traveled widely in Europe, Asia, and the African continent. Out of all these destinations, Ghana has been one of her favorite places and she likes to call it her second home.

She has a passion for conservation and protection of Ghana’s flora and fauna. Ghana’s nature offers a wide range of beautiful spots to be discovered- from seaside to rain forest, Savana and hilly areas. Barbara share’s vision of Grassroot Tours Company Ltd. to invest in Ghana’s enormous potential and foster sustainability, respectful, honest and explorative individualize tourism.

Tourist shall get the chance to discover Ghana holistically- seeing beautiful nature, meeting local people, and learning about culture and customs- all this without missing out on the relaxed vibes of Ghanaian lifestyle.


Barbara’s main focus area is mapping out operational strategies for day to day activities and planning and control. She also manages our online operations and incorporates dealings with our foreign partners in Europe and America

Isaac Akologo - Tour Guide/Admin of Grassroot Tours Ghana

Albert Danquah

Senior Wildlife, Cultural And Heritage Tour Leader
Albert is always a favorite with our customers and simply loves his job and wildlife. A very knowledgeable guide with over 60 tours as a leader, his depth of knowledge in world politics, football and History makes traveling with him super fun and enjoyable for tour participants.

Now in his mid-thirties Albert was born at Mole National Park the largest wildlife refuge in Ghana which is a manifestation of his qualities in conducting tours. His childhood was spent exploring the forests around his community and is the main reason for his exceptional ability to identify and find the most difficult species.

Albert studied at Tamale polytechnic where he obtained his degree in secretaryship and management. He’s been one of our most valuable staff the last 2 years and before then has worked at Zaina Lodge as a front desk officer for 4 years a more reason for his impeccable customer care qualities on his trips.

Mahama Kassim - Wildlife, Culture, And Heritage Tour Leader of Grassroot Tours Ghana

Mahama Kassim

Wildlife, Culture, And Heritage Tour Leader

An integral part of the Grassroots Team, Mahama has been part of the family since 2017. He leads all our big tour groups which is most complex but he does it extremely well with his organisational skills and humour during our travel expeditions.

A very funny and happy individual who always spots a smile even at times where everyone is exhausted on long trips all you need to do is raise up your head and look in the face of Mahama and his smile will illuminate your day.

Born and raised in the Northern Region of Ghana at Mole national park where his father was a ranger Mahama has in depth knowledge of local culture and willingness to share this with our tour participants during tours.
Mahama studied business at Ghana Institute Of Management And Public Administration.