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Grassroots Tours was established with the aim of sharing Ghana in all its beauty and uniqueness with anyone who is interested. We expose visitors to the scintillating Ghanaian cultures, give them a taste of our sumptuous delicacies, and show them wonderful sights that will forever remain in their memories. To put it simply, we treat them to the Ghana experience.

Our tour destinations include visits to places that feature great historical relevance like the Osu Castle in Accra, beautiful water bodies like the Wli waterfalls in the Volt region and beaches at Cape coast, the Hippo sanctuary at Wechiau, and many more alluring places. Our tour services come in different packages that have been designed to suit as many customers as possible.



  • Provide our clients with unforgettable travel experiences with guaranteed more than satisfactory services that exceed the level of their expectations.


  • Professional travel guides providing hassle-free tours and journeys. Creative but determined approach to search for the most appropriate travel arrangements


  • 1.Direct and Open communication 2.Speedy process 3.Teamwork 4.Flexibility and willingness to accept change 5.Recognising and learning from mistakes Risk-taking Quality care

Our Trips:

  • Our trips are carefully mastered to combine the cultural and natural riches with comfort, safety, luxury, and adventure to create trips that will have our guests talking for a long time.

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