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Are you looking to treat yourself to a relaxing yet adventurous visit to Ghana, one of the most beautiful countries in all of Africa? Or are you coming for an entirely different purpose but want to enjoy your stay in Ghana? Well, well, well…


You’re on to the only place where you’ll get your best Ghanaian experience ever. Welcome to Grassroots Tours where we guide you through an endless list of exciting sights and to an inexhaustible number of memorable events. Let us help you create fascinating moments that will last for a lifetime in your mind. We will give you a taste of our way of life, our scintillating culture, delightful delicacies, and many more alluring experiences. Allow us to share Ghana with you!

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The best services ever

We strongly believe that every single visitor is a special guest, and we make sure to treat them as such. Our tour services are tailored to appeal to your imaginations and add to the list of the memorable events in your life. With us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Car Rental Services

We have you covered from the moment you set a foot on Ghanaian soil. We provide car rental services for airport pickups, buses for conferences and even off-road vehicles for as long as two weeks. Our fleet of cars suit many purposes, tastes and inclinations.

Specially Selected Tours

Our tours have been specifically picked to give all visitors the best experience in Ghana while still appealing to personal tastes. Our tour destinations are perfect for relaxation, education and entertainment. Our friendly and fun tour guides are the best at what they do.

It isn’t about the money

For us, this is more than just a money making scheme. It is all about the passion and love for our country, Ghana. We just can’t keep it to ourselves! That is why our charges are very pocket-friendly.

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Cape Coast
Mole National Park
Mole National Park
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Volta Region
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$1,400.0000 $1,369.0000 Sale! Zaina

3 Day Mole Luxury Safari (Zaina Lodge)

Enjoy once in a lifetime 3 days walking safari and game drive viewing at Mole National Park, which brings you close up to the various animals in their natural habitat

$120.0000 Accra Day Tour

Day Tour Accra

Do you have a day in Accra and looking to explore the city? This day-tour will take you through this beautiful city in Ghana.

$195.0000 Mole National Park Day Tour by Grassroot Tours

Day Tour Mole National Park

Do you have a day in Tamale and want to take an adventure in Mole National Park? Grassroot Tours Ghana is here to make your day a memorable one

$1,680.0000 10 Days Northern Ghana Tour by Grassroot Tours

10 Days Northern Ghana Tour

This 10-day tour digs into the northern regions of Ghana with emphases on culture, people and wildlife.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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$155.0000 Paga Crocodile | Grassroot Tours

Day Tour To Bolgatanga

This day-trip is designed for people in or Around Tamale who do not have much time but want to explore the Upper East part of Ghana

$2,740.0000 14 Days Safari & Culture Tour by Grassroot Tours

14 Days Wildlife & Culture

This 14 days safari, wildlife and culture Tour takes you to the length and breath of Ghana. Core highlights will be the Wli waterfalls, mole national park, Kumasi and cape coast tours


Handpicked Tours

Our tours are Toilor-made to fit customers needs

World Class Service

Attention to details and connection to our environment is our hallmark

Car Rental Service

If you require an airport pick-up, off-road vehicle for two weeks or a bus for a conference, we will ensure your comfort with a well-serviced vehicles.
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$1,400.0000 $1,369.0000 Sale! Zaina

3 Day Mole Luxury Safari (Zaina Lodge)

Enjoy once in a lifetime 3 days walking safari and game drive viewing at Mole National Park, which brings you close up to the various animals in their natural habitat

$1,360.0000 $1,199.0000 Sale! Adinkra village

6 Day Southern Ghana Tour

This 6-day tour digs into the Southern, Coastal and Volta regions of Ghana, visiting Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, and the Volta areas. 

$530.0000 $480.0000 Sale! 3 Day Mole Safari Tour by Grassroot Tours

3 Day Mole Safari Tour

Enjoy once in a lifetime 3 days walking safari and game drive viewing at Mole National Park, Larabanga and Mognori Eco Village. 

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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Tours Reviews

Esla Harvey

3 Day Mole Safari Tour

We’ve spent 2 days with the guide Isaac and it was super nice. We went to the Mole park where we saw the elephants veeeery close to us, we went to visit the ecovillage where we learnt a lot of things of the village life, and finally we went for a drink to the Zaina lodge. Isaac organizes everything very well and and at the same time very flexible . He knows everything in the area and he is totally trustworthy! Enjoy
Robby Fawler

3 Day Mole Safari Tour

It was a great experience!! Really loved it. The guide, Issac, was great, and knew what he was doing – really nice company. Additionally, there was a lot of options to choose between when we came to Mole. And in general it was just amazing to be in Mole and experience that – so it was that we didn’t have to think much about the practical things, since Isaac handled that part. We also spent some time in Tamale, which was awesome as well. Overall, just a really really good trip, very recommendable.
Kristen F

Tamale City Tour

Wow! What an experience! Michael was a superb guide for our experience in the Tamale region of Ghana. I was a parent coach for a small group of teenagers and Michael went out of his way to educate, entertain and show is this amazing part of the world. I highly recommend him!!

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