Mognori Eco-village

Mognori Eco-village

Commute to northern Ghana, where you may begin your eco-village experience. Here you may learn of our people’s ties to nature and observe how it has shaped our culture. With the help of a guide, you can opt tojoin and interact in village activities, and choose to watch us perform our traditional dances and rhythms. Otherwise, be the one to embark on a canoeing adventure on the Mole River, in search for the local wildlife of this vast region.



Canoe Safari
The more adventurous-minded visitor can enjoy the thrill of entering the park by canoe on the Mole River. Trained canoe guides* from the village will accompany you on your journey. They will teach you how to identify animal tracks, and the techniques that they have used for generations. You will not want to miss out on this trip, where nature will reveal itself at every corner, as you float over the waters of this savannah. 
*Life Jackets will be provided

Overnight Canoe Safari
This trip will bring you a rush of adrenaline as we will take you for an overnight canoe safari excursion deep inside the National Park. We will be parked in a Fulani styled bush camp where elephants, buffalos and lions roam wildly and freely. You will of course be accompanied by an armed and qualified wildlife guard and local boat handlers. We will provide the following equipment for your use at a cost if you don’t have your own
- Tents
- Mattress
- Mosquito Nets
- Lanterns




Guided village walk

Decide to walk through the village and gain a splendid insight into the daily lives of a rural community in Northern Ghana. You will be observing villager activities and share experiences with some of the villagers. You will have the opportunity of meeting the village’s legendary medicine man, and discover how his methods have continued to survive with the use of natural cures.   In addition, you will be able to learn and participate in shea butter and gari processing as well as aid a Fulani pastor with his herd.



Cultural Performance
Situated openly in front of the Basumu chief’s household, the village square is where the Hangas people regularly perform their mystical dances. This has become a symbolic highlight of our traditions and culture, especially during festivals, Christmas and Eid, and weddings and funerals. Enjoy the melodic blend of the Tumpani (talking drum), Dawuro (metallic rhythm instrument), Konkas, the Daribila (short drums) and trumpets made from wild animal horns. Witness the splendor of these rituals near a warming bonfire, as you will never want to escape such a vivid display.

Following the entertainment and exciting activities, you may choose to stay a little longer in our village. We offer hospitality in one of our traditional homes, where you can sleep comfortably between the walls of warm clay-mud, or you can choose to gaze at the bright silver stars as you rest on the rooftops of our buildings.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity, especially during the warmer seasons. The home stay option will give you unique insights into the lifestyles of our villagers, and an unchangeable firsthand experience of Mognori’s splendid hospitality. You will learn how Shea butter is locally processed and how we prepare meals with generation-old recipes.
Camping space is also available near our visitor information centre, but you will be required to bring your own tent.